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AB Progetti Srl, Italy

AB progetti is one of the leaders in vacuum devices productions. More than 70 years experience in steam jet ejector and vacuum systems manufacturing: from the past to the present AB Progetti gives to their customers continuous improving reliability and product efficiency; always on the safe side. Products of AB Progetti have been installed in many plants in GCC countries and in all reputed plants in all over the world.

AB Progetti reference list includes customers designed vacuum systems for all the kind of plants:
  • For desalination purposes (both MED and MSF plants), where AB Progetti is the leader, and where AB Progetti supplied the vacuum systems for the biggest plants in the world, as Shuweihat Power Plant, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah Power Plant.
  • For refinery industries.
  • For power and combined cycle plants.
  • For energy plant environmentally correct, as incinerators plant.
  • For nuclear plant; for urea, ammonia and fertilisers plants.
  • For chemical plants with different final productions.
Ab Progetti products includes customers designed items, such as:
  • Vacuum Systems:

    AB Progetti vacuum systems are installed for several years on various types of applications: refining plant, power plants and energy plants environmentally correct, cogeneration plant, desalination or water-power plants (MSF and MED), chemical industries (urea, ammonia, fertilizers production), shipbuilding industries.

  • Steam Jet Ejectors:

    The steam jet ejectors are pumps that mix or compress many different fluids. They have no moving parts and operate by the action of one high pressure stream entraining air and other vapours (or liquids) at a lower pressure into the moving stream and there by removing them from the process system at an intermediate pressure higher than the suction pressure but many times lower than the motive steam pressure.

  • Gland Condensers:

    Small heat exchanger used to condense the steam that leaks past the first section of seals on the shaft of a steam turbine.

  • Heat Exchangers:

    AB Progetti can produce both direct contact condenser, than shell and tubes heat exchangers (with fixed or floating tubeplates); we can rolling expand the tubes or weld it to the tube plates. AB Progetti can manage all the most commonly used materials: stainless steel, special alloys like Incoloy or Hastelloy, copper alloys, titanium.

  • Liquid Ejectors:

    Using a liquid as a motive fluid has several benefits: energy savings, emissions reduction, and simple operation and maintenance, a liquid motive medium is used to suck off another liquid and to convey it to a higher pressure. High turbulence achieves a homogeneous intermixture of both flows.