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Armstrong Chemtec, USA, Scotland, Singapore

Armstrong Chemtec is a technology company specializing in process heat transfer. For more than 60 years, we have supplied heavy duty industrial equipment for the most demanding and hazardous processes in the chemical, petrochemical, and oil refining industries. Armstrong Engineering Associates Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries Chemtec UK Ltd., Beith, Scotland and Chemtec Pte. Ltd., Singapore manufacture equipment for some of the most demanding process duties in the world.

They incorporate our extensive heat transfer experience, Heat Transfer Research Inc. (HTRI) correlations and in-house research results in our designs and end-product heat transfer ratings. As a result, Armstrong Chemtec has become expert in the following specialty areas of heat transfer:

  • Vaporization of hydrocarbons, cryogenic and hazardous fluids
  • Crystallization
  • Electric process heating
  • Heating of viscous fluids using finned tube exchangers
Product Ranges:
  • Cryogenic Vaporizers: For cryogenic applications Armstrong/Chemtec offers direct steam heated vaporizers of horizontal shell and coil construction.
    • Flare Vaporizers
    • Process Liquid Vaporizers
    • Response Time - Units are very responsive
    • Flexible Coil Construction
    • Freeze Proof Construction
  • Electric Heaters: Unique Features and Advantages of Electric Heaters
    • Clean operation - no in-plant emissions
    • 100% energy conversion
    • Precise temperature control with fast response times
    • Equipment can be sited in hazardous areas
    • Often low initial capital cost compared with other heat transfer equipment
    • Unlimited turndown
    • Ideal for heating fluids to high temperatures
  • Finned Tubes: Two types of finned tube, longitudinal (LFT) and helical (WHF).
  • Scraped Surface Crystallizers
  • Vertical Vaporizers: Armstrong/Chemtec designs and manufactures vertical bayonet vaporizers used to generate vapor from materials stored as liquids but used in downstream processes as vapor.
  • Automatic Wax Moulding
  • Skid Mounted Equipment: Armstrong-Chemtec can supply that same equipment fully instrumented, piped, and skidded for straightforward incorporation into a larger process plant.